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Is your relationship in need of a lift into a new space to play a different tune ?

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Is Your Relationship In Need of Change?


Hi there, my name is Sinéad Ní Mhaoileoin.  I am a highly qualified, experienced and UK  relationship and sex therapist from Ireland, based here in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

My clinical practice is focused exclusively with couples and their relationships. I have extensive experience in working with couples who want to make positive changes together, couples who are unsure about staying together and require a space to explore this and partners who want to separate and need support in managing this.  

Many couples are now  struggling in the face of  various challenges and dilemmas in these unprecedented times.  You can still gain support from home whilst safeguarding your health.

I offer online face to face therapy within a confidential space.   


Your need for support now is as important as ever.  

My main approach to relationship health is Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples  integrated with interventions from The Gottman Method These approaches are each grounded in several decades of research which provide us with an excellent understanding of  your relational dynamics and patterns, what is required to bring about change and how to go about that. I also draw upon other therapeutic approaches. 

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“We know that love makes us vulnerable, but also that we are never as safe and strong as when we are sure we are loved” 

-Dr Sue Johnson-

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